PPM's Top 5 Chicago Booze Cruises

One of the best parts about Chicago is its water front. From Oak Street Beach, to the party up at Castaways, and even the calming breeze at Montrose Harbor, the beach is where it's at. It can be found from many front door steps in Chicago. In fact many PPM buildings are located within walking distance from one of these amazing Chicago beachfronts. So, we not only have some fantastic beaches, we also have many other waterfront activities, including wave runners, kayaking, and a walk down Navy Pier.

But what makes having Lake Michigan so close to your apartment so great?  Well, how about the amazing boats and cruises you can hop on and enjoy during a sunny afternoon or a chill night out? Whatever your reason is, Chicago cruises are a must-try stop for any tourist or Chicagoan. When it comes to nightlife, however, you will be hard pressed to find a shortage of booze cruises. Here at PPM we break down the 5 best cruises to enjoy the night, each with great drinks and great views.

Rent a floating Tiki Bar

Head on over to Monroe Harbor and grab the best private floating tiki bar the city has to offer. http://www.islandpartyboat.com/

Try a cocktail cruise

Hit up Navy Pier and grab a ticket to the premier Spirit of Chicago and enjoy the skyline with a fancy cocktail.  This cruise is only steps from the PPM buildings in the Gold Coast: 1111 N. Dearborn, 1133 N. Dearborn, 1000 N. LaSalle, and 1120 N. LaSalle http://www.spiritcruises.com/chicago/cruises/specialty/cocktail

All-you-can-drink Architecture Cruise

That’s right. The Chicago Architecture Tour also has a cocktail cruise. A great way to enjoy a drink and look at some of the most amazing buildings while slipping by on the Chicago River. http://www.chicagoline.com/cocktail-cruise.php

Beer and BBQ cruise

What goes best with some baby back rips? How about some Goose Island beer while you float down the Chicago River? You can pick up this awesome package at the Wendella Beer and BBQ cruise. https://www.wendellaboats.com/Chicago-Cruises/Beer-And-BBQ-Cruise

Seadog Beer Cruise

That’s right. Your beloved Seadogs at Navy Pier also offer craft beers while traversing not only the lake, but also the river. http://www.seadogcruises.com/chicago/cruises/specialty/beer-flight-river-cruise

As you can see, Chicago is not short on anything when it comes to enjoying the water and grabbing a drink to boot. We highly recommend trying one of these great cruises this summer!